Who we are

Who we are

Hello, we`re Sysmo.

We began as an idea 12 years ago in a pizzeria in Buenos Aires. A few months ago we had been thinking about starting something of our own. We baptized this idea “Sysmo” for the concept of “Systems and solutions in movement”.

In the beginning, we worked designing websites, doing database consulting, and developing small custom systems. Little by little, we specialized in certain specific niches. In 2010 we started working on the development of electronic invoicing interfaces. Soon after we signed an agreement with Interbanking, a market leader in banking solutions, becoming business partners for the development of interfaces connected to their platform, for different clients such as Philips, MSD, Abbott, and Huawei. It was a challenge and a big jump in our way.

Over time we focused on developing web portals to connect organizations with their customers, guiding and accompanying companies to have their offices in the Cloud, and developing mobile applications for an increasingly connected world.

Our offices have also been changing. We went from working in our houses or bars to having first a small office in Santiago del Estero street, then a bigger one a block away from the Obelisk, and finally the current one, a floor located a block away from Tribunales, with two meeting rooms and our own reception.

Today, this story finds us in a moment of dizzying technological advances. With different challenges, but with the same desire to offer solutions that we had 12 years ago.

Our culture and values ​​are something that we propose to write every day among all our friends, collaborators, clients and people with whom we share our work.

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team. We set up work units by the type of project based on your needs and objectives.

The team of collaborators is made up of people who enjoy their work, and where passion is their main motivator. The knowledge and expertise of the software and mobile apps development team are based on user experience; The team of graphic designers works together with the developers on interface and user experience (UI / UX); Our data analysts work on data modeling and dashboards providing information to end-users and helping us to improve the product usability.

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